What’s in the Water?

A Public Meeting, sponsored by the Friends of Famosa Slough


What’s in the water?
Experts discuss the quality of water in the Famosa Slough.

Please join us on Monday evening, February 6, at 6:00,
for a close look at what’s in the water of the Slough.
In the Community Room of the Point Loma Hervey Public Library at 3701 Voltaire St.

We know it has two sources:
1. The daily tidal flows – of saltwater from the San Diego River Channel. And after prolonged rainfall in San Diego’s Backcountry, freshwater from upstream, and
2. Runoff from the surrounding neighborhood, heaviest, of course, and freshest, after rainfall nearby.

How is it tested? Protected?
Is it good for birds, fish and mollusks? Us?
Speakers from the City and County, their consultants and a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing water quality.