Many Hands Makes Light Work

Friends working together with the Slough in mind

There are many ways to volunteer at the Famosa Slough.  Work parties are a great way to get started.   Often, while doing the task at hand the conversation will go towards the birds around or water quality or human impacts at the Slough.  Developing a better understanding of the living environment of the Slough presents many opportunities to interact with and help out the Slough.  We are striving to implement the vision of the three main elements of The Famosa Slough Enhancement Plan.

  1.   We observe and work to benefit the living creatures
  2.   We educate and work to assure the best water quality and hydraulic conditions
  3.   We monitor and maintain the Human Interface of the Slough

These rich and varied tasks can involve working with City or other government agencies, leading educational walks with our school partners, or simply walking one of the trails routinely and sharing experiences at the Slough.  Some volunteers take great photos!  As an example, Cindy Pencek has contributed many of the great photos on this web page and has uploaded many observations to iNaturalist.org   Others are routinely picking up trash.  Some of the volunteers come from outside of the neighborhood to contribute, and others have been involved for years.  Everyone that volunteers at the Slough takes with them a greater understanding and appreciation of the life that the Slough supports.  The Slough brings this life into our neighborhood and into our lives.


Trail Maintenance


Special Projects