About us

Working for change

The Friends of Famosa Slough (FFS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to protect and restore the Slough as a natural wetland preserve and promote public awareness of wetlands.

Ongoing FFS projects include removal of non-native plant species, revegetation with appropriate native wetlands plants, trash removal, trail maintenance, installing benches and kiosks, scientific data collection such as regular bird surveys, and hosting bird walks and field trips. More long-term projects include applying for grants for larger endeavors, such as maintaining the treatment ponds so they continue to collect and absorb the stormwater that flows from the local watershed into the southernmost part of the Famosa Slough, and keep the fresh water separate from the main part of the slough that has brackish water and tidal flow. And the team is working to develop plans to assess if design changes are needed to the slough to preserve it’s ecological and habitat benefits in the face of sea level rise and warming temperatures.