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For photos of native plants visit:
Cal Flora

For photos of invasive plants (non-native plants) visit:
Wildland Invasive Species

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Plant Quiz

1. What plant is this?
A)  Willow
B)  Spiny Rush
C)  Bulrush
D)  Cattail
2. Plants that grow close to the water must tolerate
A)  Cold weather
B)  High turbidity
C)  Dry weather
D)  Salt
3. What plant is this?
A)  Monkey Flower
B)  Bulrush
C)  California Rose
D)  Encelia
4. The native plants that grow higher on the Slough banks are called
A)  Riparian plants
B)  Coastal sage scrub
C)  Chaparral
D)  Cactus
5. What plant is this?
A)  Toyon
B)  Willow
C)  Mulefat
D)  Sycamore
6. Exotic (or non-native) plants at the Slough include
A)  Bermuda grass
B)  Fennel
C)  Buckwheat
D)  Ice plant
7. What plant is this?
A)  Saltgrass
B)  Pickleweed
C)  Dodder
D)  Saltbrush
8. Most native upland plants are dormant (not growing) in
A)  Winter
B)  Spring
C)  Summer
D)  Fall
9. What plant is this?
A)  Toyon
B)  California fuschia
C)  Lemonadeberry
D)  Buckwheat
10. Native plants are important because
A)  They provide food for birds and animals
B)  They provide nesting and hiding places for birds
C)  They keep the soil from eroding
D)  They attract insects
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